Automotive Window Tint

Our computerized cut window tint will fit your vehicle like a glove.

The use of window tint on automobiles is very common today. There are many different styles and shades to choose from. Although most people think that window tint is just for appearance, it's not! Window tint does make your car look great, but it also rejects heat from the sun, blocks damaging UV rays, reduces glare, and helps prevent "smash and grab" theft among other things.

There is a perfect tint shade for every vehicle, let us help find the perfect match for you. We guarantee you will get the best car window tinting in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. Call us today for a free window tint quote.

All tint film patterns are cut with our Roland CAMM-1 Pro computerized cutting system.

Our library of digital patterns includes most current makes and models as well as many older body styles.

We look forward to you becoming one of our satisfied customers!

Why choose SolarFX window tint?

There are numerous reasons to tint the windows in your car, truck, SUV, RV, boat or commercial vehicles. Aesthetics is probably the most common reason. However - safety, comfort, UV protection and energy savings are other popular reasons to tint your windows.


  • Heat Reduction
  • Glare Protection
  • Skin Protection
  • Passenger Safety
  • Increases Privacy
  • Protect Interior


SolarFX Window Films utilize today's most modern technologies in order to produce some of the best performing films in the world!